Good Thinking, The Documentary
Those Who've Tried to Halt Nuclear Weapons

A Documentary by Anthony Donovan

Running Time: 3 hrs. 38 min. © 2015 Anthony Donovan
Original Music by Chris Riffle and Jimi Zhivago

For over 70 years humanities greatest minds, including our scientists who knew the technology best, and our most inspiring social, spiritual and even military leaders have spoken clearly about the inconceivable waste, the terrible cost and gravest danger of nuclear weapons. This is an attempt to honor them and connect with what they shared with us.

They will clarify why now is the time to make them illegal, and transform the global business around such destructive weaponizing toward continuing to face mankind's challenges, and uplift both the significance and the Spirit of humanities journey.

This work recognizes some of the many millions of citizens who risked all, or took the time in their lives to stand up for a better world, encouraging both our own responsibility and clarity on the vital subject.

This work covers much archival footage, as well as current interviews with a wider spectrum of humanity than, simply put, the extremely dangerous narrow view of those who order, make and ready these inconcievable weapons in a secret world with a great portion of our public money.

There are countless people, and actions much too briefly cited or not able to be included in this overview. Many of the people, organizations or actions mentioned deserve more attention, an entire documentary just on themselves. There are thousands of worthy individual stories of Good Thinking yet to be told, and more emerging as we speak. Go for it. "You are not alone". Thank you.